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SSE Hydro, Glasgow

System - Structural Grouting
Date - March 2014
Summary - We were asked to supply a methodology of infilling a void between a concrete soffit slab and a structral beam, to assist in spreading loads in the structure. The Soffit slab was installed with a steep front to back fall and also a cross sectional arc. The beam was installed off the level. This resulted in a void that was shallow at each end of the beam and deep in the middle but also varied in depth across the top of the beam.
Grout Injection Scotland
Grout Injection Scotland

We shuttered each side of the beam to accomodate the various depths and positioned grout injection holes through the timber, just below the soffit slab. A high flow grout was positioned by a hand operated grout pump,through injection nozzles until refusal. The grout pump was necessary as gravity placement was not an option with the position of the slab.

Once the grout had cured, the shutter was stripped to expose a fully grouted void with no requirement for minor tidy or infilling.

Grout Injection Scotland
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