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Perth Leisure Pool

Scope of Works - Waterproofing of Childrens Pool
Date - January 2020

The Fraser Bruce Group were recently engaged to undertake emergency repair works to the aforementioned Pool.


The Monkey Jungle construction consisted of precast concrete floor beams supported on intermediate columns. The concrete floor beams had then been encapsulated with a screed and GRP mould, which has subsequently been painted with a decorative protective coating


There has been a going issue with chlorinated water trafficking under the GRP and through the slab resulting in flooding the basement area directly below. The water filtration had also created voids between the GRP and screed resulting in cracking of the paint when succumbed to foot traffic or volume of water. There were also concerns over the porous condition of the screed due to the volume of water passing through the structure.

Perth Pool 1.jpg
Perth Pool 3.jpg

As a consequence, we had to strip out the existing finishes back to the initial construction and carry out the following course of action: -


  1. Apply an epoxy bonded flexible bandage to all exposed joints of the floor beams

  2. Apply a liquid DPM to the full surface area

  3. Placement of an expiry bonded SBR screed

  4. Fibre glass then tire floor area, then reapply a decorative protective coating to the full area

  5. On completion, reinstate all fixtures.

Perth Pool 4.jpg
Perth Pool 7.jpg

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