Edinburgh College Hockey Pavilion

Scope of Works - Access Stair Re-Levelling and Coating
Date - September 2018
Summary - The entrance stairs into the Pavilion had issues with the surface level since construction with puddling causing slip issues during wet and cold periods of weather and inconsistent riser heights. Grinding works previously carried out to try an rectify the issue simply resulted in even more significant level issues and an untidy appearance. Screed toppings were installed over movement joints that subsequently cracked resulting in spalling of the screeds.

We carried out removal of any existing screeds followed by vacuum extracted surface grinding to provide an open texture surface ready for overlay.

The prepared surface was coated with a sanded epoxy primer and level screws were set to establish a consistent surface level on each step. Shutters were secured to the risers to contain the overlaid the primer with an external grade, thin layer fluid screed. This removed the varying surface level providing a flat surface with consistent riser height.

To finish, we applied a fast cure MMA primer and sealer coat containing an anti-slip aggregate in the primer. The risers and return nosings were coloured in a darker sealer coat to create an obvious edge.

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