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Edinburgh Car Park

Date - December 2018
Scope of Works - Crack/Joint Sealing and Car Park Deck WP Coating
During periods of wet weather and especially snow related conditions, the internal car park area was experiencing water transfer through the concrete deck to the lower plant room area below. This was resulting in damage to the operational equipment for the building. concrete bund structure failed as a result of significant uplift pressure due to the high water table level. This resulted in cracking of the concrete that subsequently provided a route for water to ingress.

The chosen resolution to the issue incorporated a recessed flexible bandage detail at all construction joints, protected by a fast cure, high strength screed repair mortar. All cracks were raked out to form a ‘V’ chase that was subsequently filled with a mastic sealant. Preparation of the substrate was carried out by vacuum extracted grinding and scabbling.

The prepared substrate was then overlaid with Sika’s EB14 Rapid System 2. This basically utilises a sand bulked Sikafloor 161, full blind of surface with anti-slip aggregate and a single encapsulation coat of Sika Pronto 18 MMA sealer. The fast cure nature of the system allowed trafficking the following day.

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